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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I've always loved fashion, makeup, and all that girly stuff! (even though when I was a kid you'd usually find me in the creek catching frogs and tadpoles and crayfish-or up in the tallest tree I could find!).

I love fashion so much I strongly encouraged my daughter to puruse a fashion design degree-and that she did!! http://www.linques.typepad.com/ this is my daughter, Lindsey's blog-I am positive she got her talent from my Mom (it totally skipped me!)...and I'm so proud of her!

Anyways--back to me!! I love fashion, but more than that-style! Everyone has there own style...some just need a little more help!

I'm older than 26 (since Lindsey's 26 that makes sense) Although I can fit into the smaller sizes, I know there are just things I should not wear at "my age". But that does not mean I'm going to give up on style and fashion--no way!

I can go to Express-and skip the way-above-the-knee fashions and still find cute things for me without looking like I'm trying to look 20! I'm still alive and will be (hopefully) for quite awhile and I'm not going to give up on looking my best!

So I went shopping today (a little retail therapy never hurt anyone). I couldn't believe that Victoria Secret had jeans in their store! I bought the cutest Pink (not the color pink) skinny jeans (and that doesn't me you have to be "skinny" to wear them). I then went on to Express (the best customer service!) and bought to cute cute sweater dresses (one too short to wear as a dress-better w/ skinny jeans for me), and some other cute things-likes sweater vests! I made a little stop at Banana Republic (haven't been as impressed with their selection lately) I did find some great longer vests (great for mixing and matching) and a cute flirty skirt and a black ruffly knit top to go with that (this skirt is short-but still acceptable since I'll wear it with tights).

Check out my pictures and ignore dust and stuff you see. I said I like fashion, I didn't say I liked cleaning.

For us girls over 40- you can take classic pieces, add a little flare of your own! My favorite handbag is one that I call my "popular purse"! It's a bold yellow Jessica Simpson handbag and everywhere I go-women comment on it! Whether I'm at a school function or out shopping, I get comments! So instead of going with a wild color skinny pant (please don't)...make your handbag the bold statement!

I also have my favorite popular boots-I can't remember who makes them-and I know I'll need to break down and get new ones-but wherever I go-these too--get comments! From not only women but men too! I have skinny legs so it's hard to find ones that fit me-and the best ones for me are the ones that slip on!

My fashion rambling must stop-but I could go on-maybe I'll take a breather and ramble more tomorrow--my pictures aren't too great-but you "get the picture" (that was bad).

Be your best-and as my Mom always said (now there was a woman with style)...chin up-chest out-shoulders back!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


First, I will start by saying, I like Rachael Ray. I am a foodie, so I am watching the food channel, well...obsessively! As far as her show, I only watch it occasionally. But I had seen a commercial for her next show, which was to be about slowing down the little signs of aging. I am all for improving yourself. So I taped it, and tonight, I finally watched the show.

That's where the disturbing part starts.

I workout-everyday except my day off on Thursday. I eat semi-healthy. I believe in moderation, and it's okay to eat some chips no and then! (That's part of the reason I workout!)

I have a 26 yr old daughter, a 17 yr old son, and a 16 yr old daughter. Do the math. Even if I had my 26 yr old daughter at 20, that would make me 46, but that's beside the point of this of this blog, so I won't go there!

This certain Rachael Ray show was disturbing to me. I've wondered, now and then, if maybe I should have a little botox or something, but this show was just crazy! First, there was a women that had some injection in her hands because her hands showed signs of aging! I think the plastic surgeon said it would cost something like $1500/hand and would last about a year. I'm not sure about you, but for me, $3000 to make my hands look more youthful...well, it just aint' gonna cut it! I could just imagine saying to my husband "honey I need $3000 to make my hands look youthful"!

Oh, you say you earlobes are as youthful as you would like them to be!? Don't worry, there's surgery for that also! PLEASE!! I never even thought about earlobe problems! Am I crazy!?

No!! I am not (okay, that is debatable).

Take care of yourself. Workout, eat reasonably...then be happy with who you are. Don't pick at every body part. How long can you keep that up? And at what cost?

That show actually helped me to be happier with where I am right now, what I look like, and forget about any flaws. We all have flaws! We all age! It happens!

Be your best-not someone else's best! YOUR best!

and forget about the rest!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beauty Word of the Day!

Okay, I might not have a beauty word of the day everyday, but here's my beauty word for today:

Exfoliate! Whether you're 16 or 50+, exfoliate! Everyday, in the shower. Have your exfoliating wash in the shower so you won't forget to exfoliate!

For the face I recommend the two products shown: Philosophy's Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, check it out at http://www.philosphy.com/ - I also buy it at http://www.sephora.com/ and http://www.qvc.com/ -

Another great exfoliating product for your face (it's my 16 year old daughter's favorite): Dove's Gentle Exfoliating Foaming Facial Cleanser. This can be purchased at any of your local drug stores!

And yet one more product that can be used with any of your favorite cleansing creams: exfoliating facial cleansing sponges! Inexpensive, and can be found anywhere!

So that's my word for the day-get rid of those darn old skin cells-and renew your face! I swear it helps! Oh--please do not forget your neck and decolete (pronounced dek-lo-tay-it's your chest area that starts showing signs of aging!).

So get out there and exfoliate!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coming Out of the Closet

Cleaning out the closet--jenscloset!! Check out just a fraction of the clothes I have! I'm finally going to purge and organize! I started doing this awhile ago. I sold some of my clothes, that still had tags on them, on Ebay. I am constantly donating bags and bags of nice items to the Purple Hearts and a few other organizations.

I've always loved fashion and even to go get the mail, I try to make sure I look my best! Yes...some call me obsessed...even I do! Even though I do not work in an office (since 4/08), I still love to dress up-I don't mean I'm wearing my high heels around the house or to the post office (I'm not that obsessed!). I'm so obsessed that I produced a daughter who would grow up to go to college and get a fashion design degree!

This is going to be a series of blogs, starting with the one where I confess, not only my obsession, but what a mess it is, and how out of control it has gotten!

I spent a couple of hours going through one section of my closet (I'm talking about an entire bedroom that my sweet husband, Bob, turned into an entire walk-in closet for me!). I tried everything on-if it didn't look fabulous, it went into a pile. I will then go through that pile and sell some on Ebay and donate the rest. (If you're a size 4 and you're interested in some of my clothes-just let me know!)

So that's my first step-I'll get back to you soon with how my progress is going. I urge everyone to try on your clothes-check them out-do they really make you feel good? make you feel confident? no?? well..then, what are you waiting for! Join me!

Good luck!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Great Beauty Info Site

Sorry it's been awhile! Been busy with summer stuff, including our annual trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida! I used plenty of sunscreen and always wore a hat to get as little sun on my face as possible!

I thought I'd do a quick blog to tell you about a great website full of beauty information, for all ages! http://www.totalbeauty.com/ -I just received their must recent update about ways to prevent and/or slow down that darn aging process that happens to us all!

I jotted down a few notes, such as

1-drinking green tea is good (I think we all know that by now!).

2-Vitamin D3 oil

3-exfoliate (I do that everyday!)

4-less is more as far as makeup as we get a little older

5-RetinaA seems to be a must-so I need to check on that

and there's more! Check out their website, I think you'll find it very interesting and helpful!

Take care!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clothes and Bags and Stuff

You heard me right! Clothes, bags and stuff! I love all of it!

My younger daughter, Katherine, just returned home from Europe! I'm so happy she's back! We went shopping at H & M earlier today and just had so much fun! Yes...we bought stuff!!

So-yes I do love H & M, but I try to avoid clothing stores these days! I have enough clothes and since I'm working from home now, I don't need anymore! But that doesn't always stop me! Especially when I'm shopping with Katherine, or my older daughter, Lindsey!

I have a few (okay I have more than a few) fav websites that I have bought from that I just love and I wanted to share a few. I'll share more in another blog!

The first is www.shopsueyboutique.com great bags-and other accessories! I've bought a few of their bags, and right now they're offering me 20% so that might just tempt me to buy another one!

Another site, actually, I haven't bought directly from the site, because we have a cute shop close by, is www.francescascollections.com . I love wearing dresses, casual tshirt dresses, cute knit dress, whatever! They're comfortable and everyone looks good in them! This can be a kind-of-youth-oriented shop, but I have found cute dresses that are "appropriate" for even my age! Their prices are great and everything is just so darn cute!

There you go...a few of my favorites! I have plenty more...so stay in touch!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Thursday!

Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week! Well, at least going back about 5 years! The one reason was because at my previous part time job I worked Monday through Thursday (7 am to 1:00-or something like that-it's been over a year and I can't remember exactly!). So Thursday was like my Friday!

But the best reason of all...it's "treat day"! What is treat day you ask!? You are asking, aren't you!? Treat day is the day my husband Bob brings home some wonderful, perhaps fattening, lunch! It could be those so-bad-for you Big Macs from McDonalds...or from a wonderful deli called Lehmans for a turkey sub..and the list goes on and on! It's always a surprise and I sure look forward to it!

Everyone needs a treat day! It doesn't mean you need to look forward to something fattening like I do! But whatever the treat might be, treat yourself! Perhaps your treat day could be that one day you get to leave the house for an hour and just hang out at your fav book store (if you have young kids you know it's quite a treat to get an hour to yourself!).

Find something to look forward to, and you'll be motivated to keep going on those days that you just wonder what the heck you're doing, and why the heck you're doing it! We all have those days! So look forward to your treat day!

Write down some little things you've been meaning to do; pick one of those each week, and do it! Just do it!

You'll feel refreshed trust me!

My best to everyone! Keep shining!


Friday, July 17, 2009

Bumpy Roads and Detours

It seems as if the past few days/weeks of traveling around on bumpy roads and detours has made me think...and that's quite an accomplishment in itself!

So you're driving along on what seems to be a pretty smooth road and all of a sudden there's a crater-or maybe it's just a small bump, but you want to avoid it. Sometimes you panic! Or how about those annoying detour signs..or road closed!?

You usually make it through these obstacles, don't you?

These days all I think about when I encounter these "obstacles" is my life in the past year plus! I...like so many others, no- I'll change that...like everyone in the world...have come up against obstacles in our way. Or are they obstacles? Perhaps they're hints that you should be changing direction! Have you ever thought about that!?

I changed directions over a year ago...very scary..and bumpy..and lots of detours and "caution" signs! But I went over the bumpy parts and ignored the caution signs.

You can too! Oh heck....if I can do it, anyone can! I've grown more in the last year than I ever have! I'm proud of where I'm at and how I got there! It's been a learning process; mostly self taught, but I've had help, and it's okay to ask for help!

Once you start following your true passion you will realize it was there all the time! I think back to when I was just a little kid going through my great Aunt Esthers's 250 yr old home in Rye, NH, and how I loved that home! I loved the old attic and all the great things I found there! That was the start for me!

I've taken so many detours...but I've ended up where I should be and it feels great!

Think about it next time you're driving! Get through the detours!


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Thursday, July 9, 2009

How's Your Attitude?

Is it time for an attitude adjustment!?

Do things seem to be going in the wrong direction for you? I've been there, and there are days, even now, I wonder! But then...there's a new day and things work out!

If you would have told me on the exact date, February 14th, 2008 (yes, Valentines Day), when the "lady" eating a cupcake, from some corporate office (and didn't even know me), called me in to tell me they were laying me off (from an office job I had off & on for approx 25+ yrs), along with 2 other girls in the office..that it would be the best thing that could have happened to me I would have...well, I'm not sure what I would have done to you!

But who's looking back!!? I am!! Because I'm proud of the changes I've made! Of course...I was mad, and sad, and angry, all of that! But how long can you hang onto all of that!? For me, I needed to move on as quickly as possible!

I'm not just referring to starting my Etsy shops (shameless plug http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ and http://www.mymilkglassshop.etsy.com/ ). I'm talking about they way I thought about myself and what I wanted for my future. I knew it was time to turn things around-think positive! I'm hear to tell you that if I can change...anyone can!

It wasn't easy, but it was worth it! It will be worth it for you, too, I promise! Whatever your situation...it can be turned around!

I would love to hear any inspirational stories from you or, perhaps, if you are struggling with a problem, small or major, I would love to try to help you too!

This blog was kind of my "beauty" blog...and no matter how much makeup you use, if you don't feel good inside...it will show on the outside; that's why I thought I would write this here.

We all have something going on...even though we think we're alone...we're not!

I'm here and ready to here from you!

Take care,


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hope Everyone Had a Nice 4th of July!

Just a quick update to say hello and hope that everyone had a nice 4th of July! I did not go see fireworks...enjoyed just being home!

I'll be reviewing more products in the next week, so stay tuned!

Thanks friends,!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh My Gosh I Look Twenty Years Younger!

This is my daughter Lindsey!

Okay, good...I got your attention! No, I do not really look twenty years younger from all of the "magic potions" I use!

What I look like is me, the best I can be! I'm not going to look like a cover girl, or a twenty year old...just me! All these darn magazines with the touch-up photos...probably 80% or more, of those photos are retouched...so stop putting yourself down!

It's not just the outer beauty that makes you radiant! It's the look you have because you're happy, because you love "just being a Mom"..."just being a Mom" is the best thing you can be doing!! It pays off in more ways than you can imagine!

But...to be the best Mom you can be, you do need to put yourself first! You need to take sometime out of the week that is your time! Whether it is to shop, or workout, whatever...do it!! You'll be happy, which means your kids will be happier, and...your husband will be happier!

Try it--just once, take some time for yourself!

Believe me, I did not always do that! I thought to be the best Mom, meant to devote all of your time to your children! It wasn't until a few years ago, well, I guess it's been more than a few years ago, that I started working out! That all started because I was getting extremely fatiqued all the time! I went to the doctor, had all kinds of tests...they couldn't find anything wrong with me...so they called it "chronic fatique syndrome"...and guess what they prescribe for that? Give up!? an anti-depressant, of course! So...I tried it.paxil..for about a wk or two...crazy weird dreams and that was it for me! No more pills!

When I started working out, I could literally do 8 minutes-I would put the timer on and do 8 minutes! Now I work out for about an hour a day/6 days per week and feel better than I ever have....physically and emotionally!

Okay-this is not a nagging blog about how you must workout-I'm just telling my story-and I hope to motivate just one person who's feeling down!!

Especially if you're a Mom--do it for yourself and your kids!!


ps-this is a picture of my oldest daughter, Lindsey-we've been through a lot together-and I'm so lucky to call her my best friend-I also have a 16 yr old daughter who thinks it would be "creepy" if I had a picture of her on my blog..and I have a smart, handsome, and funny son, Mark, who is 17..I'm a lucky Mom!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Philosophy Collection


I really didn't realize I had such a collection of Philosophy products until I started gathering them up to take pics of it for my blog! I have more than this too!

I think my first Philosophy purchase was their fragrance. I probably purchased "Grace" first. All of their fragrances are light and clean. There's also Baby Grace, Falling in Love, and several others that I can't think of at the moment! You don't have to worry about it being overpowering and I'm always getting compliments on how nice I smell!

You can find Philosophy products at http://www.philosophy.com/ or QVC or even Sephora carries quite a few of their products.

I purchased soap that smells just like the Baby Grace scent from http://www.bellagracedesigns.etsy.com/ not only does she have beautiful soaps, but the fragrance was a perfect match!

My must-have, at least twice a day...is Purity! That's the facial cleanser, and I love it! I also exfoliate my face and neck once a day (in the shower) using Philosophy's microdelivery exfoliating wash or Olay Regernist daily thermal mini-peel.

I actually have their gentle shampoo and conditioner too! I love their facial moisturizers, that include a sunscreen.

Well, I could go on and on about the Philosophy line..check out my pics to see some of the products I love! I have also included a picture of the lovely soap I purchased from http://www.bellagracedesigns.etsy.com/.

Have a great week!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prize Winner Where are You!!?

Still waiting to get address info for the prize winner of the Avon products!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barbie's Got Beautiful Jewels Now!!

It just arrived today...so exciting! Stephanie sent me a beautiful pink and silver set for Barbie, including the cutest earrings, bracelet, and necklace! My other favorite color...green, this set includes a gold and kelly green dangly necklace, matching bracelet and earrings! Not only that, but the cutest little stretch bracelet! They have the cutest, tiniest, little hook clasps!

My daughter, Lindsey, and I collect vintage Barbies...just wait until Lindsey sees these! All of my Barbies are jumping up and down saying "pick me pick me"! I'll give them all a chance to wear these gorgeous jewels and I'll be sure to take pics when I do!

You must check out Stephanie's shops...whether you're a Barbie collector like I am, or you know a little girl that loves to dress up her Barbies...you will be thrilled with your purchase!

Stephanie...I owe you big time, thanks so much!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Giveaway Time!

Hello!! I thought it was time to have a giveaway on this blog! I've done a few on my other blog, http://www.jensvintage.blogspot.com/ so this one needs a little attention!

This is a fun giveway!! I starting "selling" Avon awhile ago, and I put that in quotes because my only real sales were from my sister, Susan, and my daughter, Lindsey!! (thanks you guys)...anyways, there's a long story as to how I acquired this cute set, but don't worry, it was of legal means!

This set includes the cutest makeup case with two detachable pouches. Also included:
a cute stretchy wooden bracelet
very cute white and gold watch
strawberry & quava shower gel
Imari skin softening lotion
Imari spray cologne
Imari body powder
glazewear lip color
some little samples of jet home cologne

These are all Avon products...and you'll love them!

Let's see...need to pick a date for the drawing (I'll use the random site to pick the winner), okay, how about next Tuesday, June 2nd! I will give you a number if you comment on my blog letting me know about something you like from either http://www.mymilkglassshop.etsy.com/ or http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ and I will give you an extra number if you follow this blog!

So sign up now..you'll love this great collection!

I hope you have a fantastic week!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Velcro Rollers Are Your Friend

Need a little lift? Does your hair seem to be limp?
All you need to do is blow dry your hair until it's just about dry, it doesn't have to be completely dry, you just don't want it to be wet!

After I'm done drying my hair, I just take some of the larger rollers for the crown of my head, and one section in the back, and two on the sides, go about doing whatever else I need to do in the morning, and in about 10 minutes, gently take them out...and you have poof! Don't worry if it looks to "poofy", just brush it lightly and it will all blend in and look marvelous!

Velcro rollers also work great if you want a little more curl! I have these great curlers in several different sizes, they're inexpensive, and last forever!

So even if you're rushing around in the morning, it takes seconds to put these in your hair!

Try it!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Saturday!

It's Saturday and it's May already...those are two good things!

First, thanks for entering my poll! I'm interested in the ages of everyone that visits my blog! I think this blog can be helpful to women of all ages! I believe that women in their 20's have the advantage of knowledge, regarding skin care, that wasn't available when I was younger. If you start now (no, I won't preach) to limit how much time you spend in the sun, and use lots of sunscreen, you'll be happy you did in 20 years!

I do think tan people look healthier. I know it's crazy, but it's true! The best way to get that "healthy" tan...is the fake stuff! There are plenty of choices out there! No more "QT" (only women over a certain age will remember that!). No more worry about having an orange tan! There are products out there that give a more subtle tan.

Right now I'm using a self tanner by Hawaiian Tropic and I like it! It's not a real pronounced tan, it's very subtle, and that is what I personally prefer!

Enjoy the sun...use your sunscreen and have a fabulous spring and summer season!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Hump Day!!

Yes!! It's Wednesday...that means we got through Monday and Tuesday!

I actually don't mind Monday's at all! To me...they're like a day of hope, a new beginning! The day to start things fresh again and think of the possibilities for the week.

Depending on how "hopeful-Monday" went, Tuesday can be "terrific-Tuesday" or "terrifying-Tuesday"! Maybe Monday didn't go as well as you had hoped it would go! Or, on the other hand, Monday was fantastic, so when Tuesday rolls around, you're ready to tackle anything!

Wednesday...smack-dab in the middle of the week!! Wednesday means "you're almost there"! It means "keep going", you are going to make it! Make the best of Wednesday, especially if Monday and Tuesday weren't all you had hoped they'd be! You're on an upward climb!

Thursday is just around the corner! Thursday is an often ignored day of the week, just like I will kind of ignore it in this blog post!

So what's the best day of the week!? I think it's Friday, and I am betting most of you will agree! Friday is the end of the work week. If you're in an office, it's usually "casual Friday" (which can be scary in itself). It means the weekend is just about here..and it's time to party!

What am I trying to say!? Enjoy everyday...don't just wait for Friday! Make everyday count and you'll start looking forward to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Now get out there and rule your world!!

Best wishes to all!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zero Gravity!

Don't you just love the names of some of these beauty products that promise amazing results!?

I'm trying out a new product from Clinique, called Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift! Wow! Sounds like I should have miraculous results from this, right!!?

This product was pretty expensive, and I'm old enough...wait...I mean WISE enough to know that most of these products are not miracle creams!

At a certain age, things just start falling! Surgery could be an answer for some of it, but that's expensive and too painful to even think about for me! I haven't gone the route of botox or juviderm (yet) either, but I do have friends that have done this and it seems to work! That's pretty costly also and requires upkeep.

I'll start with simpler products, for now and let you know what I think in a couple of weeks!

If you have any questions or ideas, leave a comment!

Thanks...and keep smiling!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hey YOU!

Yes...you! I'm talking to you out there!

Do you have a question about a certain beauty product? Have you wondered where you can get an answer to your question?

Well...ask no more! Jen can help. If Jen can't help...she will find someone that can!

Are you wondering what shoes to wear with that fantastic outfit you just bought!? Ask Jen!

This blog is for everyone..this isn't a blog limited to women of a certain age, it's for all of us!

I want funny stories, great beauty product reviews, helpful hints.

I'm going to be reviewing a few beauty products in the next few days...so watch for that!

So check back..and contact me if you would like to add a review or helpful hint for all of us!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Got Brow?!

Noticing a loss of hair some places....like brows! Keep them tweezed and well shaped. Brows help to frame your face! I love my Laura Geller Brow Marker! I actually bought mine from QVC, and loved it so much, I bought my daughter one. It's not as harsh looking as those old brow pencils.

Just a few light strokes and really...you'll notice a difference. If I can only use a few products for the day, my Laura Geller Brow Marker would definitely be on the top of my list!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Okay, Okay, I'll Give You Some Beauty Secrets

Yes! You have been begging for my beauty secrets! I am ready to divulge just a few to start! These are inexpensive products that everyone can afford. Yes, one of them is olive oil! Do you ever buy a product that is supposed to be good for your nails and cuticles? I'm sure it's a great product, but if you just dab some extra virgin olive oil on a cotton pad and dab that on your nail bed and surrounding area, and continue this treatment for just a week, you will see a difference!

Vitamin E oil..under $4.00 at your local drugstore, I used it after my shower; for my hands, for my neck, under eyes, and lips, whatever!

Now, although my blog is 40 and fabulous, it is for everyone! Whether you are 20, 30, 40, etc., I think we all need some new ideas! If you are 20, you're lucky! There are a lot more products out there to help you to slow down the aging process!

If you have some beauty tips, please let us know! This blog is for everyone!