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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barbie's Got Beautiful Jewels Now!!

It just arrived today...so exciting! Stephanie sent me a beautiful pink and silver set for Barbie, including the cutest earrings, bracelet, and necklace! My other favorite color...green, this set includes a gold and kelly green dangly necklace, matching bracelet and earrings! Not only that, but the cutest little stretch bracelet! They have the cutest, tiniest, little hook clasps!

My daughter, Lindsey, and I collect vintage Barbies...just wait until Lindsey sees these! All of my Barbies are jumping up and down saying "pick me pick me"! I'll give them all a chance to wear these gorgeous jewels and I'll be sure to take pics when I do!

You must check out Stephanie's shops...whether you're a Barbie collector like I am, or you know a little girl that loves to dress up her Barbies...you will be thrilled with your purchase!

Stephanie...I owe you big time, thanks so much!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Giveaway Time!

Hello!! I thought it was time to have a giveaway on this blog! I've done a few on my other blog, http://www.jensvintage.blogspot.com/ so this one needs a little attention!

This is a fun giveway!! I starting "selling" Avon awhile ago, and I put that in quotes because my only real sales were from my sister, Susan, and my daughter, Lindsey!! (thanks you guys)...anyways, there's a long story as to how I acquired this cute set, but don't worry, it was of legal means!

This set includes the cutest makeup case with two detachable pouches. Also included:
a cute stretchy wooden bracelet
very cute white and gold watch
strawberry & quava shower gel
Imari skin softening lotion
Imari spray cologne
Imari body powder
glazewear lip color
some little samples of jet home cologne

These are all Avon products...and you'll love them!

Let's see...need to pick a date for the drawing (I'll use the random site to pick the winner), okay, how about next Tuesday, June 2nd! I will give you a number if you comment on my blog letting me know about something you like from either http://www.mymilkglassshop.etsy.com/ or http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ and I will give you an extra number if you follow this blog!

So sign up now..you'll love this great collection!

I hope you have a fantastic week!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Velcro Rollers Are Your Friend

Need a little lift? Does your hair seem to be limp?
All you need to do is blow dry your hair until it's just about dry, it doesn't have to be completely dry, you just don't want it to be wet!

After I'm done drying my hair, I just take some of the larger rollers for the crown of my head, and one section in the back, and two on the sides, go about doing whatever else I need to do in the morning, and in about 10 minutes, gently take them out...and you have poof! Don't worry if it looks to "poofy", just brush it lightly and it will all blend in and look marvelous!

Velcro rollers also work great if you want a little more curl! I have these great curlers in several different sizes, they're inexpensive, and last forever!

So even if you're rushing around in the morning, it takes seconds to put these in your hair!

Try it!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Saturday!

It's Saturday and it's May already...those are two good things!

First, thanks for entering my poll! I'm interested in the ages of everyone that visits my blog! I think this blog can be helpful to women of all ages! I believe that women in their 20's have the advantage of knowledge, regarding skin care, that wasn't available when I was younger. If you start now (no, I won't preach) to limit how much time you spend in the sun, and use lots of sunscreen, you'll be happy you did in 20 years!

I do think tan people look healthier. I know it's crazy, but it's true! The best way to get that "healthy" tan...is the fake stuff! There are plenty of choices out there! No more "QT" (only women over a certain age will remember that!). No more worry about having an orange tan! There are products out there that give a more subtle tan.

Right now I'm using a self tanner by Hawaiian Tropic and I like it! It's not a real pronounced tan, it's very subtle, and that is what I personally prefer!

Enjoy the sun...use your sunscreen and have a fabulous spring and summer season!