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Friday, May 15, 2009

Velcro Rollers Are Your Friend

Need a little lift? Does your hair seem to be limp?
All you need to do is blow dry your hair until it's just about dry, it doesn't have to be completely dry, you just don't want it to be wet!

After I'm done drying my hair, I just take some of the larger rollers for the crown of my head, and one section in the back, and two on the sides, go about doing whatever else I need to do in the morning, and in about 10 minutes, gently take them out...and you have poof! Don't worry if it looks to "poofy", just brush it lightly and it will all blend in and look marvelous!

Velcro rollers also work great if you want a little more curl! I have these great curlers in several different sizes, they're inexpensive, and last forever!

So even if you're rushing around in the morning, it takes seconds to put these in your hair!

Try it!



ChezChani said...

Great tip. I do a smiliar thing though for a different reason. It seems to take the fuzzy and kinky bits out of my hair and makes it look smoother and healthier.

jenscloset said...

another great reason to use velcro rollers, chezchani!