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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


First, I will start by saying, I like Rachael Ray. I am a foodie, so I am watching the food channel, well...obsessively! As far as her show, I only watch it occasionally. But I had seen a commercial for her next show, which was to be about slowing down the little signs of aging. I am all for improving yourself. So I taped it, and tonight, I finally watched the show.

That's where the disturbing part starts.

I workout-everyday except my day off on Thursday. I eat semi-healthy. I believe in moderation, and it's okay to eat some chips no and then! (That's part of the reason I workout!)

I have a 26 yr old daughter, a 17 yr old son, and a 16 yr old daughter. Do the math. Even if I had my 26 yr old daughter at 20, that would make me 46, but that's beside the point of this of this blog, so I won't go there!

This certain Rachael Ray show was disturbing to me. I've wondered, now and then, if maybe I should have a little botox or something, but this show was just crazy! First, there was a women that had some injection in her hands because her hands showed signs of aging! I think the plastic surgeon said it would cost something like $1500/hand and would last about a year. I'm not sure about you, but for me, $3000 to make my hands look more youthful...well, it just aint' gonna cut it! I could just imagine saying to my husband "honey I need $3000 to make my hands look youthful"!

Oh, you say you earlobes are as youthful as you would like them to be!? Don't worry, there's surgery for that also! PLEASE!! I never even thought about earlobe problems! Am I crazy!?

No!! I am not (okay, that is debatable).

Take care of yourself. Workout, eat reasonably...then be happy with who you are. Don't pick at every body part. How long can you keep that up? And at what cost?

That show actually helped me to be happier with where I am right now, what I look like, and forget about any flaws. We all have flaws! We all age! It happens!

Be your best-not someone else's best! YOUR best!

and forget about the rest!