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Friday, July 30, 2010

Beauty Sleep

I'm always tweeting about needing my beauty sleep, kind of as a joke, but it's true! I do love my almost 8 hours of sleep! Althought lately I guess it's probably been a little less (oh geez, now I realize why I look the way I look!).

When I was "working" I was definitely a stickler for getting my 8 hours of sleep!

Now that I'm "not working" (haha) I'm guessing I get a little less sleep, but geez...I'm pathetically happy!

I really shouldn't be!

I was laid off from a great job (at least on paper), in April of 2008.

That is when I started my first Etsy shop http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ (encouraged by my best friend-oh, she happens to be my daughter too!! Lindsey!

That was a perfect way to add a little extra income.

Wait...then, my husband was laid off from the same company--ouch!

So, now here we are, in our "offices" at home!! I'm in my living room office, and Bob is in his dining room office, and yes...we our next to each other, just about everyday, for ...well.. a lot of hours! I hadn't actually thought about that!

I actually asked Bob today, if I was annoying! If you check me on twitter, you might be able to tell I'm very active!! I don't think of it as hyper, but most probably would!! He actually answered rather quickly (which makes me suspicious) "no!".

Now I am trying to remember why I started this blog in the first place.

Oh-yeah, it was about getting your beauty sleep.

I'm tired. I work hard. I think most of us do. Some of us don't need to. Some of us need to but don't. Some of us don't need to, but do! Whatever! I'm not here to judge (but I will!).

Work your butt off while you can.

But enjoy life along the way. I really believe it's about balance!

I personally, have never been happier. This is coming from a person with an unknown future-an an unknown financial future.

But I know who I am and what I can do!

I will get my "beauty sleep" and persevere!!!

I wish the best to all of you!!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trying the Link Thing!

here goes!


and this


Testing Testing

Okay, I just received some helpful info on getting my links to look more professional, thanks Deb!

But before I try that, the main reason I'm blogging today is to maybe, just maybe, help one person to get motivated to move!

I know there are a thousand excuses, believe me, I've been there, and even now I sometimes will get into an excuse rut, but push myself out of it asap!

If you've read my "tweets" you will see that I love to stay active! I am a member of our great city rec center and they offer a wonderful variety of classes and have good selection of workout equipment for the days I'm not taking a class!

In 1995 I finally quit smoking! It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! Once I finally decided I had to quit (what took me so long?!), I quit cold turkey!

Soon after that I decided I should actually try to get active since my lungs were starting to heal and I was feel so much better!

I started with little baby steps! I seriously could only do about 8 minutes at a time (not kidding!). It was a gradual process.

Then I got the nerve to actually go to our rec center! Another time when there are a thousand excuses not to go! But when you really think about it, most people at the gym are feeling just like you-or at least they started that way! Think of it that way and you'll be fine!

So here I am now, working out at least 6 days a week for at least an hour a day. I know another excuse is time, so even if you can just run in place for 20 minutes at a time, whatever!! Do it!

I feel better than ever! Not only do I feel better physically, I feel better mentally! When I get in a slump and have no energy, I find my boost from a workout!

I think I'll save this post and then try the link thing!

Good luck everyone!


Friday, July 2, 2010


As you well now, I love antiques and vintage! I always have! When my daughter, Lindsey, suggested I join Etsy (she already had a jewelry shop there), it sounded perfect for me!

And it has been great! I'm having so much fun! Everything about having my shops is right up my alley!

I love the shopping (of course), the marketing and promoting, getting to know fellow vintage Etsy shop owners (great people and so helpful!), photography (that's been a big learning process, but it's become my favorite part of owning my shops!), oh, and I can't forget...wrapping the sold items! Okay-maybe that's my favorite part!

So where was I? Oh! I wanted to show you a couple of ideas on how to use vintage items. They don't have to be used for what they were originally intended for.

For example, the large Indiana Glass Co Milk Glass Teardrop Compote is perfect for pretty washcloths in your powder room! Of course, the brass dresser mirror is a good place to keep your favorite pearls! Also any pretty little vintage item like my cute little milk glass dish is perfect for storing cotton balls!

Oh-and that perfume-one of my favorites! It's Burberry-The Beat (I purchased it from Nordstroms)! It's not too overwhelming! For a lighter summer fragrance, you might also like Clean Warm Cotton (purchased at Sephora).

So hunt for some pretty vintage treasures and give them new life!

Happy 4th of July! Have fun and stay safe!