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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I've always loved fashion, makeup, and all that girly stuff! (even though when I was a kid you'd usually find me in the creek catching frogs and tadpoles and crayfish-or up in the tallest tree I could find!).

I love fashion so much I strongly encouraged my daughter to puruse a fashion design degree-and that she did!! http://www.linques.typepad.com/ this is my daughter, Lindsey's blog-I am positive she got her talent from my Mom (it totally skipped me!)...and I'm so proud of her!

Anyways--back to me!! I love fashion, but more than that-style! Everyone has there own style...some just need a little more help!

I'm older than 26 (since Lindsey's 26 that makes sense) Although I can fit into the smaller sizes, I know there are just things I should not wear at "my age". But that does not mean I'm going to give up on style and fashion--no way!

I can go to Express-and skip the way-above-the-knee fashions and still find cute things for me without looking like I'm trying to look 20! I'm still alive and will be (hopefully) for quite awhile and I'm not going to give up on looking my best!

So I went shopping today (a little retail therapy never hurt anyone). I couldn't believe that Victoria Secret had jeans in their store! I bought the cutest Pink (not the color pink) skinny jeans (and that doesn't me you have to be "skinny" to wear them). I then went on to Express (the best customer service!) and bought to cute cute sweater dresses (one too short to wear as a dress-better w/ skinny jeans for me), and some other cute things-likes sweater vests! I made a little stop at Banana Republic (haven't been as impressed with their selection lately) I did find some great longer vests (great for mixing and matching) and a cute flirty skirt and a black ruffly knit top to go with that (this skirt is short-but still acceptable since I'll wear it with tights).

Check out my pictures and ignore dust and stuff you see. I said I like fashion, I didn't say I liked cleaning.

For us girls over 40- you can take classic pieces, add a little flare of your own! My favorite handbag is one that I call my "popular purse"! It's a bold yellow Jessica Simpson handbag and everywhere I go-women comment on it! Whether I'm at a school function or out shopping, I get comments! So instead of going with a wild color skinny pant (please don't)...make your handbag the bold statement!

I also have my favorite popular boots-I can't remember who makes them-and I know I'll need to break down and get new ones-but wherever I go-these too--get comments! From not only women but men too! I have skinny legs so it's hard to find ones that fit me-and the best ones for me are the ones that slip on!

My fashion rambling must stop-but I could go on-maybe I'll take a breather and ramble more tomorrow--my pictures aren't too great-but you "get the picture" (that was bad).

Be your best-and as my Mom always said (now there was a woman with style)...chin up-chest out-shoulders back!!