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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm a Poor Sport and a Runner

First of all, I keep saying that I do not consider myself to be a runner.  But I've been running for a few years and have been in several 5k's now.  But the reason I say I do not consider myself a runner is due to the fact that I really just entered the 5k's to challenge myself...and..to win!

Yes, that's right!  I never considered myself to be a competitive person either, but realizing that I was in an age bracket where I might have a chance of winning a silly medal, made me want it more!

So I guess I got lucky, because the first 3 5ks I ran in, I won for my "age category".  Which really made me want to keep up with this!

Although I have improved in my time (just be seconds) on each of my runs, the last 3, I did not even place in the top 3.  Grrrrrr.....why are these older women running?  This is crazy!

So now I must practice more and get better!

All kidding aside, I just love the 5k runs!  I go by myself (although one of my runner-brothers-or-amazing nephews are usually there!  I love it!  I love the challenge!

And I am ready for the next 5k!! Bring it on!

Challenge yourself.  It helps keep you young!  Just baby steps, that's fine...but just do it!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Testing Testing!

Hi there!

Welcome to my "beauty blog"!  Sorry I haven't updated this in awhile!  I just had the new OPI  Axxium nail polish applied at Color Nation in Rocky River, Ohio.

So that's what I'm testing out right now.  It supposedly last 2-3 weeks, but the 2nd day I already had a little chip, which Rachel touched up for me (but it still chipped the next day).

So far, going on over 1 week, there are a few other light chips on the edges, but they still look better than the normal manicure.

I'll update you in a few days!

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