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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm a Poor Sport and a Runner

First of all, I keep saying that I do not consider myself to be a runner.  But I've been running for a few years and have been in several 5k's now.  But the reason I say I do not consider myself a runner is due to the fact that I really just entered the 5k's to challenge myself...and..to win!

Yes, that's right!  I never considered myself to be a competitive person either, but realizing that I was in an age bracket where I might have a chance of winning a silly medal, made me want it more!

So I guess I got lucky, because the first 3 5ks I ran in, I won for my "age category".  Which really made me want to keep up with this!

Although I have improved in my time (just be seconds) on each of my runs, the last 3, I did not even place in the top 3.  Grrrrrr.....why are these older women running?  This is crazy!

So now I must practice more and get better!

All kidding aside, I just love the 5k runs!  I go by myself (although one of my runner-brothers-or-amazing nephews are usually there!  I love it!  I love the challenge!

And I am ready for the next 5k!! Bring it on!

Challenge yourself.  It helps keep you young!  Just baby steps, that's fine...but just do it!


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