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Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Only Been Over a Month!

Whoops!  Whatever have you done without my beauty updates!?

I hope your year has been great and you're looking forward to an even more fantastic year than this past year!

My lastest beauty "thing" is haircolor.  Several years ago I attempted to color my own hair and it turned out so dark, and took so long to wash out, that I never tried that again.

Until recently.

The cost for coloring my hair at the salon every 6 weeks was just crazy.  So I thought I'd give it a try again!

I started with a semi-permanent color.  That way, if it was bad, it wouldn't take too long to wash out.  It turned out great, except my gray showed up way too soon.

Part of the trouble is, I get too nervous and don't leave it in long enough.

My next try was a permanent hair color.  For this one I tried Garnier Nutrisse  (No 63-brown sugar, to be exact).  This turned out great too, except I still didn't leave it in long enough, and darn those grays, back so soon!

I think I will try the same Garnier Nutrisse again and leave it in longer!

I'm also part of a panel to test something else (top secret, so I can give you any more info on this one-yet), so that should be interesting.

Speaking of panels-yes, I love to give my opinion, so I'm on several beauty panels, with well known companies.  One I recently did, sent me a certain garment to test out for a month or two.  I was to wear it wash it, and all of that, and then report back on it!  It's fun-and I get free stuff!

I've also been known to give my "two cents" in the Life section of USA Today! Whenever they have a subject that they think I may have experience with, they will send me an email and ask me some questions!  My name's been in there for a story on nutrition/kids, one on shopping for school clothes, and one on Christmas shopping for kids.

So--I will update you sooner (sooner than my last update) and let you know how the hair coloring goes!

Cheers and Happy 2011!



LazyTcrochet said...

That's fun Jen! I was thinking of coloring my hair too. Darn grays. I used to highlight, but just can't afford it. I'm trying to like my grays, but can't decide.

jenscloset said...

Supposedly gray hair is "in" now-but I just don't like it-for me, anyways!

ALLthangsOLDbutNEW2u said...

My daughter and I colored our hairs yesterday. It was her first out of salon/from a box hair color. She likes it and it really did lighten up her look. Brought out her blues.

I finally got mine to match and fix that dreadful mess up an old hairstylist did. I went through the stage where I wanted the funky highlights and different colors. Well that is a mess to go through when you got to change and the blonde does not come out easy. :( But all is well now and I finally got it just right.
this red head is happy.

jenscloset said...

Red-that's what I want to be--a redhead!