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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chanel No. 19

This has to be one of my all time favorite fragrances!  Chanel No. 19!  I had a bottle of this perfume quite a few years ago, and decided recently I had to have it again!

Purchased at http://www.nordstrom.com/ and described on their site as: "A legendary scent from 1971.  A rich blend of green floral wood notes, jasmine, rose, iris, ylang ylang, sandalwood & mosses.  Audacious, Assertive.  Never conventional" 

I love that description!  And they described it quite well!  It's not over-powering (unless you over do it!).

Perfect for any season!

It's a bit pricey, but well worth it!

Try it!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Check your Feet

Sandal time is almost here!

I love summer time!  I love the clothes and love wearing sandals!

I have a problem with icky cracked heels, especially my right one for some reason!  I just got a pedicure about 3 weeks ago, so I thought that would help, but it was temporary.  The crack is back!

My manicurist, Juliette (love that name) told me to get a foot scraper thingy.  She wasn't trying to sell the one they had there, she actually told me to check out Sally Beauty Supple (love that store!).  She said the ped-egg thing they sell at drug stores isn't good. 

But I was at my salon a few days ago (finally got a french manicure, I've always wanted one!), and they had a deal on their scraper (okay they call it a foot file) and lotion set, so I bought it!

It's a miracle!  My heels are much smoother!!

This one is called "Microplane Personal Care Foot File", for $21.95.  The Microplane Personal Foot Care was usually $9.95, but the deal was $5.00 (woohoo!).

You could probably get something similiar to it at a less expensive price at Sally Beauty Supply, like Juliette said, but it was there and I wanted it so I just bought it!

So check your feet!  I also do yoga, so need my feet to look nice all year round!

Happy Spring!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

White Teeth

First of all, I hate my teeth!  I had braces back in the 60's, but a guy named Dr Stifter!  Should have been warned by that name to stay away!  Whenever I tell a dentist I had braces, they're like "really!?". 

I have teeth envy!  I notice everyone's white, straight teeth!  I recently talked with my dentist about teeth whitening, and was really ready to spend the $300 to get them white!

But, I had recently bought some Crest Whitestrips for my daughter, and saw such an improvement, that I decided to give it a try myself!  I had bought Katherine a cheaper version of the one's I bought.  I went for the $50 3D Whitestrips Advanced Seal.

The box says you'll start seeing results in just 3 days.  They're right!  My daughter said my teeth now look whiter than hers!  I've only noticed a slight senstivity, but nothing bad, and it's temporary.

They're easy to use, and just 30 minutes/per day!

I'm glad I bought these and didn't spend $300 on the dentist's version!

Oh-and if anyone out there is an orthodontist and would like free advertising, please make my teeth pretty and I'll blog about it!

Keep smiling!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Yep, that's what I said!  New Year's resolutions!  Because right around now most people who had at least one New Year's resolution, have already given up!

Don't do it-don't give up!  At our local rec center I see so many new faces at the beginning of the year.  So eager and hopeful!  But, right around now, crowds have dwindled.  I wish I could go up to each and everyone one of them and say "keep going-don't give up!", but they probably wouldn't take to kindly to that!

So I'll just blog about it!  Whatever you're New Year's resolution, keep it up!  So what if you fell off the wagon for a bit, get back on and keep going!

You'll be proud of yourself, and when 2012 rolls around, you can start on a new resolution!

Happy 2011!