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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Great Beauty Info Site

Sorry it's been awhile! Been busy with summer stuff, including our annual trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida! I used plenty of sunscreen and always wore a hat to get as little sun on my face as possible!

I thought I'd do a quick blog to tell you about a great website full of beauty information, for all ages! http://www.totalbeauty.com/ -I just received their must recent update about ways to prevent and/or slow down that darn aging process that happens to us all!

I jotted down a few notes, such as

1-drinking green tea is good (I think we all know that by now!).

2-Vitamin D3 oil

3-exfoliate (I do that everyday!)

4-less is more as far as makeup as we get a little older

5-RetinaA seems to be a must-so I need to check on that

and there's more! Check out their website, I think you'll find it very interesting and helpful!

Take care!