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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barbie's Got Beautiful Jewels Now!!

It just arrived today...so exciting! Stephanie sent me a beautiful pink and silver set for Barbie, including the cutest earrings, bracelet, and necklace! My other favorite color...green, this set includes a gold and kelly green dangly necklace, matching bracelet and earrings! Not only that, but the cutest little stretch bracelet! They have the cutest, tiniest, little hook clasps!

My daughter, Lindsey, and I collect vintage Barbies...just wait until Lindsey sees these! All of my Barbies are jumping up and down saying "pick me pick me"! I'll give them all a chance to wear these gorgeous jewels and I'll be sure to take pics when I do!

You must check out Stephanie's shops...whether you're a Barbie collector like I am, or you know a little girl that loves to dress up her Barbies...you will be thrilled with your purchase!

Stephanie...I owe you big time, thanks so much!!



kismet1990 said...

You are so very welcome Jen! It was my pleasure!!! :0) Thank you so much for this beautiful blog post. --Stephanie

pjamarama said...

They are beautiful and such a great idea. I know if I tried that G would grab them and want to wear them herself she's such a little girl, clumsy and very heavy handed but still girly all the same!