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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coming Out of the Closet

Cleaning out the closet--jenscloset!! Check out just a fraction of the clothes I have! I'm finally going to purge and organize! I started doing this awhile ago. I sold some of my clothes, that still had tags on them, on Ebay. I am constantly donating bags and bags of nice items to the Purple Hearts and a few other organizations.

I've always loved fashion and even to go get the mail, I try to make sure I look my best! Yes...some call me obsessed...even I do! Even though I do not work in an office (since 4/08), I still love to dress up-I don't mean I'm wearing my high heels around the house or to the post office (I'm not that obsessed!). I'm so obsessed that I produced a daughter who would grow up to go to college and get a fashion design degree!

This is going to be a series of blogs, starting with the one where I confess, not only my obsession, but what a mess it is, and how out of control it has gotten!

I spent a couple of hours going through one section of my closet (I'm talking about an entire bedroom that my sweet husband, Bob, turned into an entire walk-in closet for me!). I tried everything on-if it didn't look fabulous, it went into a pile. I will then go through that pile and sell some on Ebay and donate the rest. (If you're a size 4 and you're interested in some of my clothes-just let me know!)

So that's my first step-I'll get back to you soon with how my progress is going. I urge everyone to try on your clothes-check them out-do they really make you feel good? make you feel confident? no?? well..then, what are you waiting for! Join me!

Good luck!


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