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Thursday, July 9, 2009

How's Your Attitude?

Is it time for an attitude adjustment!?

Do things seem to be going in the wrong direction for you? I've been there, and there are days, even now, I wonder! But then...there's a new day and things work out!

If you would have told me on the exact date, February 14th, 2008 (yes, Valentines Day), when the "lady" eating a cupcake, from some corporate office (and didn't even know me), called me in to tell me they were laying me off (from an office job I had off & on for approx 25+ yrs), along with 2 other girls in the office..that it would be the best thing that could have happened to me I would have...well, I'm not sure what I would have done to you!

But who's looking back!!? I am!! Because I'm proud of the changes I've made! Of course...I was mad, and sad, and angry, all of that! But how long can you hang onto all of that!? For me, I needed to move on as quickly as possible!

I'm not just referring to starting my Etsy shops (shameless plug http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ and http://www.mymilkglassshop.etsy.com/ ). I'm talking about they way I thought about myself and what I wanted for my future. I knew it was time to turn things around-think positive! I'm hear to tell you that if I can change...anyone can!

It wasn't easy, but it was worth it! It will be worth it for you, too, I promise! Whatever your situation...it can be turned around!

I would love to hear any inspirational stories from you or, perhaps, if you are struggling with a problem, small or major, I would love to try to help you too!

This blog was kind of my "beauty" blog...and no matter how much makeup you use, if you don't feel good inside...it will show on the outside; that's why I thought I would write this here.

We all have something going on...even though we think we're alone...we're not!

I'm here and ready to here from you!

Take care,



delightw said...

oddly enough turning 50 was the best thing to happen to me.So much better on this side!Looking forward to more of your blog.

Sandy's Fancy Pants Antiques and Collectibles said...

I love this blog. I made a major move from Texas where I lived all my life to Arkansas. Sometimes we have to jump in the water. When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Seems you have done that. You go girl!

jen said...

thanks so much for your nice comments!!