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Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Thursday!

Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week! Well, at least going back about 5 years! The one reason was because at my previous part time job I worked Monday through Thursday (7 am to 1:00-or something like that-it's been over a year and I can't remember exactly!). So Thursday was like my Friday!

But the best reason of all...it's "treat day"! What is treat day you ask!? You are asking, aren't you!? Treat day is the day my husband Bob brings home some wonderful, perhaps fattening, lunch! It could be those so-bad-for you Big Macs from McDonalds...or from a wonderful deli called Lehmans for a turkey sub..and the list goes on and on! It's always a surprise and I sure look forward to it!

Everyone needs a treat day! It doesn't mean you need to look forward to something fattening like I do! But whatever the treat might be, treat yourself! Perhaps your treat day could be that one day you get to leave the house for an hour and just hang out at your fav book store (if you have young kids you know it's quite a treat to get an hour to yourself!).

Find something to look forward to, and you'll be motivated to keep going on those days that you just wonder what the heck you're doing, and why the heck you're doing it! We all have those days! So look forward to your treat day!

Write down some little things you've been meaning to do; pick one of those each week, and do it! Just do it!

You'll feel refreshed trust me!

My best to everyone! Keep shining!


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