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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bumpy Roads and Detours

It seems as if the past few days/weeks of traveling around on bumpy roads and detours has made me think...and that's quite an accomplishment in itself!

So you're driving along on what seems to be a pretty smooth road and all of a sudden there's a crater-or maybe it's just a small bump, but you want to avoid it. Sometimes you panic! Or how about those annoying detour signs..or road closed!?

You usually make it through these obstacles, don't you?

These days all I think about when I encounter these "obstacles" is my life in the past year plus! I...like so many others, no- I'll change that...like everyone in the world...have come up against obstacles in our way. Or are they obstacles? Perhaps they're hints that you should be changing direction! Have you ever thought about that!?

I changed directions over a year ago...very scary..and bumpy..and lots of detours and "caution" signs! But I went over the bumpy parts and ignored the caution signs.

You can too! Oh heck....if I can do it, anyone can! I've grown more in the last year than I ever have! I'm proud of where I'm at and how I got there! It's been a learning process; mostly self taught, but I've had help, and it's okay to ask for help!

Once you start following your true passion you will realize it was there all the time! I think back to when I was just a little kid going through my great Aunt Esthers's 250 yr old home in Rye, NH, and how I loved that home! I loved the old attic and all the great things I found there! That was the start for me!

I've taken so many detours...but I've ended up where I should be and it feels great!

Think about it next time you're driving! Get through the detours!


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