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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clothes and Bags and Stuff

You heard me right! Clothes, bags and stuff! I love all of it!

My younger daughter, Katherine, just returned home from Europe! I'm so happy she's back! We went shopping at H & M earlier today and just had so much fun! Yes...we bought stuff!!

So-yes I do love H & M, but I try to avoid clothing stores these days! I have enough clothes and since I'm working from home now, I don't need anymore! But that doesn't always stop me! Especially when I'm shopping with Katherine, or my older daughter, Lindsey!

I have a few (okay I have more than a few) fav websites that I have bought from that I just love and I wanted to share a few. I'll share more in another blog!

The first is www.shopsueyboutique.com great bags-and other accessories! I've bought a few of their bags, and right now they're offering me 20% so that might just tempt me to buy another one!

Another site, actually, I haven't bought directly from the site, because we have a cute shop close by, is www.francescascollections.com . I love wearing dresses, casual tshirt dresses, cute knit dress, whatever! They're comfortable and everyone looks good in them! This can be a kind-of-youth-oriented shop, but I have found cute dresses that are "appropriate" for even my age! Their prices are great and everything is just so darn cute!

There you go...a few of my favorites! I have plenty more...so stay in touch!


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