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Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh My Gosh I Look Twenty Years Younger!

This is my daughter Lindsey!

Okay, good...I got your attention! No, I do not really look twenty years younger from all of the "magic potions" I use!

What I look like is me, the best I can be! I'm not going to look like a cover girl, or a twenty year old...just me! All these darn magazines with the touch-up photos...probably 80% or more, of those photos are retouched...so stop putting yourself down!

It's not just the outer beauty that makes you radiant! It's the look you have because you're happy, because you love "just being a Mom"..."just being a Mom" is the best thing you can be doing!! It pays off in more ways than you can imagine!

But...to be the best Mom you can be, you do need to put yourself first! You need to take sometime out of the week that is your time! Whether it is to shop, or workout, whatever...do it!! You'll be happy, which means your kids will be happier, and...your husband will be happier!

Try it--just once, take some time for yourself!

Believe me, I did not always do that! I thought to be the best Mom, meant to devote all of your time to your children! It wasn't until a few years ago, well, I guess it's been more than a few years ago, that I started working out! That all started because I was getting extremely fatiqued all the time! I went to the doctor, had all kinds of tests...they couldn't find anything wrong with me...so they called it "chronic fatique syndrome"...and guess what they prescribe for that? Give up!? an anti-depressant, of course! So...I tried it.paxil..for about a wk or two...crazy weird dreams and that was it for me! No more pills!

When I started working out, I could literally do 8 minutes-I would put the timer on and do 8 minutes! Now I work out for about an hour a day/6 days per week and feel better than I ever have....physically and emotionally!

Okay-this is not a nagging blog about how you must workout-I'm just telling my story-and I hope to motivate just one person who's feeling down!!

Especially if you're a Mom--do it for yourself and your kids!!


ps-this is a picture of my oldest daughter, Lindsey-we've been through a lot together-and I'm so lucky to call her my best friend-I also have a 16 yr old daughter who thinks it would be "creepy" if I had a picture of her on my blog..and I have a smart, handsome, and funny son, Mark, who is 17..I'm a lucky Mom!!

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