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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Check your Feet

Sandal time is almost here!

I love summer time!  I love the clothes and love wearing sandals!

I have a problem with icky cracked heels, especially my right one for some reason!  I just got a pedicure about 3 weeks ago, so I thought that would help, but it was temporary.  The crack is back!

My manicurist, Juliette (love that name) told me to get a foot scraper thingy.  She wasn't trying to sell the one they had there, she actually told me to check out Sally Beauty Supple (love that store!).  She said the ped-egg thing they sell at drug stores isn't good. 

But I was at my salon a few days ago (finally got a french manicure, I've always wanted one!), and they had a deal on their scraper (okay they call it a foot file) and lotion set, so I bought it!

It's a miracle!  My heels are much smoother!!

This one is called "Microplane Personal Care Foot File", for $21.95.  The Microplane Personal Foot Care was usually $9.95, but the deal was $5.00 (woohoo!).

You could probably get something similiar to it at a less expensive price at Sally Beauty Supply, like Juliette said, but it was there and I wanted it so I just bought it!

So check your feet!  I also do yoga, so need my feet to look nice all year round!

Happy Spring!


1 comment:

cindy said...

Ahh, the feet, must take of the feet! I'm going to check into the foot file. That's a good idea. Glad it worked for you! Back to yoga.