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Friday, February 10, 2012


Drink More Water!

I've been forcing myself to drink more water!  Of course when I'm working out, I drink plenty of water!  But during the day I was not!

I don't drink too much pop anyways (maybe a total of one can per week), but now that I've discovered Trader Joe's Sparkling Water, I don't even want pop!  They come in Mandarin Orange, Raspberry Lime, Lime, and Lemon!  So good!  Sometimes I add a bit of lemon or lime juice!

Zero calories, zero sodium!

Of course, there's always plain water (what a thought)!  I keep a glass on the kitchen counter all the time to remind me, while I'm in the kitchen, to gulp down some water!

It's great for your skin! I swear mine looks better!



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