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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm talking to you

Yes, I'm talking to you!

You're the one that knows you need to loose weight.  You know you need to have a healthier diet.  You know you should start working out.

But your negative side gives you all kinds of reasons not to start.  You're too tired, you don't want to go to a gym, you don't have time to make healthy meals.  Maybe you even have bad knees, but did you know swimming is easy on the joints!?

I'm your positive side, telling you that you CAN do it! 

You're going to start tomorrow.  You're going to take at least a 15 minute walk.  I don't care where.  You can just walk around your house.

The next day you'll take at least a 20 minute walk.  I guarantee, after a week, you will have more energy!

I'm going to add some easy, healthy recipes to this blog soon, so keep watching. 

I will be here for you, and I'll be pushing you more in the future! 

You can do it!


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