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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Haircolor Saga and More

I just bought this one at express! Bought a pink sweater to match!

Great basic black dress from Ann Taylor

I broke down.  I tried coloring my own hair, but it just didn't work! 

I found that after just 2 weeks, I saw those darn grays shining through!  I'm not a math genius, but it was easy to see that spending what I was on the box color, and having to use it so often, really wasn't saving me that much.

So back I went for the professional color!  Much better now! 

I've decided to break up my hair cut and color into 2 different appointments to ease the shock of the cost!

That being said, I do want to stress that I am grateful that having a bad hair day is the worst of  my problems! 

Now onto a new subject-fashion!  When I worked in an office I took great pride in the fact that I always looked my best!  Now that I work at home, that really hasn't changed!  I still love to look my best!  Dresses are still my favorite outfit, and most days you'll find me in a dress, maybe with some cute leggings, or tights!  Dresses are easy to wear, no need for matching pieces, and if you get the right dresses, they can be quite forgiving when you've eaten a few to many potato chips (my downfall).

I don't shop quite as often as I used to, but once in awhile I'll break down and buy a few new things.  One of my favorite stores is Express!  The store is really geared more for the 20-something women, but there are still quite enough pieces there that won't look ridiculous on us 40+ women!  Just don't go for the short short skirts/dresses or the plunging neckline (cleavage doesn't look so cute after a certain age!).  Their jeans fit me the best, and right now, they're the only ones I wear!  I love that they have longer lengths, since I have trouble finding pants that are long enough for me!

I also love Ann Taylor!  They've recently updated their line to get the attention of the 20-30 year old women.  You'll find plenty of classics there.  I love classics, but love a little flair added. 

Like I've said before, you don't need a bunch of money to look pulled together.  If you can only afford a few pieces, here's what you need:

1 basic black dress
1 piece of statement jewelry (I happen to love pearls-but a chunky bracelet, or hoop earrings, whatever you love)
1 pair of sexy boots or pumps
1 perfect fitting jeans (and comfortable too)
1 classic black blazer
1 white top (button down or even a cute simple t-shirt)
1 other accessory, such as a colorful scarf
1 pair of flats (try a brighter color like red)

Take these pieces and mix and match!  Add a few pieces when you can-and there you have it, a classic collection, but with some flair!

Happy shopping!


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