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Monday, September 13, 2010

Word for the Day is Bagaceous

My word for today  is "Bagaceous"!  You must check this out http://www.bagaceous.com/ for the latest from Milano, London, and New York!

They have the most fabulous super model named Gnunga!  He's sophisticated yet friendly and cuddly!

Bagaceous is full of gorgeousness you must check out!

Please be sure to check out my friend's collection!  The Louisa Catherine Collection!  Absolutely stunning pieces!

And who doesn't love a furry super model!?

And don't forget...create your own style! Be unique!


1 comment:

Bagaceous™ said...

Jen, you are an angel, just realised I never commented back then! I was so happy about this, just shared it again tonight and saw this. Much love to you, big thank you!