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Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm ready to get started!

I started this blog awhile ago, but I really haven't done anything with it. I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to go with this. I knew that, for me, after I hit around 45...things really started to change. If you're over 45, you'll understand!

I have decided this will be a place for us to vent, to laugh (at ourselves!), and to give each other ideas to help us through all of our changes, and make it a positive experience (not much we can do about it anyways, so we might as well laugh!).

I am part of a panel that receive samples of new products to try out and then critique the product (for a beauty magazine). I'm going to start with the latest product I received. It is a mascara called Exceptionnel De Chanel (yes, it's Chanel). Save your money...this was clumpy and flaky. The good news is...the old standby, Maybelline Great Lash.the Blackest Black Mascara, is wonderful, and inexpensive. If you haven't tried it, try it; just don't use too much mascara. Over the age of 4o--ish, it is better to go lighter with all of your makeup. We actually age ourselves when we add too much!

So...I'm open for business and open for discussions! Let me know your questions, problems, great ideas, your funny stories!

We still have a lot of life left in us! Let's make the best of it!



The Vineyard Painter said...

Looking forward to this blog! Great idea!

Rhonda said...

Well, the stumbling of a 42 year old lady. It was quite embarassing today while I was unloading stuff for my garage sale and tripped over the curb, did a roll and scraped my elbow. I was laying on top of my fake ferns. The neighbors, my son and in-law's saw the whole thing! These are the days I live for and know that laughter is the only thing that can get you through it. LOL
Thanks for starting a GREAT blog for us FABULOUS FORTY year olds.

jenscloset said...

See Rhonda...you are a great example of someone with a great sense of humor!! That's about all we have left, isn't it!? I would love for your to write an article for my blog..and I'm inviting everyone else to join in!

Jacquelynne said...

cI turned 42 this summer, have sent my first child off to college- and I cannot decide yet whether I like it or hate it!

Teekay said...

i have just stumbled across your blog. I too have recently started one of my own but I am very new to this blogging thing. I am trying to write my blog based around stories with a fair amount of humour. I would also love to write a post for you.